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Hi, we are a Naturopathy clinic located in Melbourne. We specialise in helping people suffering from gut ailments such as gastroesophageal reflux disease (GORD), reflux, Helicobacter pylori infections, gastritis and stomach ulcers.

“I highly recommend Helena for the insightful depth of knowledge she has in her field, for her extensive clinical experience, and for the warm, friendly, empathic, gentle and empowering rapport she builds with her patients. Health for life! Helena makes it easy.” ~ Marilyn

What is Reflux?

GORD or acid reflux, are chronic conditions whereby the contents of the stomach regurgitate back up into the oesophagus causing inflammation and damage to the lining of the oesophagus. Functional dyspepsia and gastroparesis are the two most common sensorimotor disorders of the upper gastrointestinal tract, with shared symptoms of upper abdominal pain, postprandial fullness, early satiety and nausea.

What Can Cause Reflux?

Foods that contribute to reflux include fatty and fried foods, chocolate, garlic, onions, acidic foods, citrus fruits, tomatoes, spicy foods, mint flavourings, caffeinated drinks and alcohol. Other key factors that contribute to reflux are Helicobacter pylori infection, obesity, diabetes, pregnancy, gluten sensitivity, stress, anxiety, poor eating habits (excessive carbohydrates, eating too large meals, eating directly before bedtime), smoking cigarettes, slouching, hiatus hernia, delayed gastric emptying of food from stomach and certain medications such as vaccinations, calcium channel blockers, theophylline, nitrates and antihistamines.

Natural Reflux Solutions

You don’t have to suffer with Reflux anymore. Decreasing the inflammation, getting rid of any infections, supporting stomach acid and healing the gastrointestinal tract can have an immediate effect on the relief of symptoms that you are experiencing and facilitate the gradual improvement in the underlying condition. Our Naturopaths work with your health goals to work out the best treatment protocol for you. This involves working out the factors as to why you have reflux, removing these factors and allowing your body to heal with various foods, herbs, nutrients, diet changes, lifestyle, stress management and digestive management strategies.
During your initial consultation our Naturopaths take a detailed case history, run various in-house tests and can request a comprehensive digestive stool analysis, Helicobacter pylori tests, breath tests or food intolerances test if they think these are relevant for you. Once we have received all your test results back we will put you on a specific treatment plan and diet, to help you reduce your symptoms and feel amazing again.
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If you are looking for long term reflux solutions, we would love to help you out. Book an appointment today!