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Hi, we are a Naturopathy clinic located in Melbourne. We specialise in helping people suffering with digestive problems such as haemorrhoids, fissures, constipation, diarrhoea and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

“Helena is simply AMAZING !!! After YEARS of seeing specialists and naturopaths, she has dealt with all my issues so promptly and accurately. She has SOLVED so many issues. I have been recommending her to all my friends and so far they have had fantastic results as well. She gives you advice from different angles and perspectives and I am so grateful that I have had her along my whole journey the last few years. Couldn’t thank her enough !!! She is assiduous and meticulous… well done! ~ Marina

What are Anal Fissures and Haemorrhoids?

Haemorrhoids refer to a vein that is swollen and twisted, either inside the anus (internal) or around the anus (external). An anal fissure is a small tear in the thin moist mucosa tissue that lines the anus. Anal fissures and haemorrhoids may occur if you pass hard or large stools during a bowel movement. Anal fissures and haemorrhoids typically cause pain and bleeding with bowel movements. The sphincter muscles that prevent stool leakage that surround the anus, may go into spasm causing longer lasting pain with an anal fissure.

Causes and Risk factors

Haemorrhoids Signs and Symptoms

Anal Fissures Signs and Symptoms

Haemorrhoids and Anal Fissures Treatments

Anal fissures and haemorrhoids are a sign that your gut health is out of balance. There are many different reasons for anal fissures and haemorrhoids. It’s important to address the root cause of why these occurred so that you can heal these, improve your gut function and feel well again.
During your initial consultation our Naturopaths take a detailed case history, run various in-house tests and can request a comprehensive digestive stool analysis, blood tests or food intolerances test if they think these are relevant for you. Once we have received all your test results back we will put you on a specific treatment plan and diet, to bring your bowel motions, gut integrity and digestive function back to feeling amazing again.
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If you would love to heal your anal fissures and haemorrhoids once and for all, we would love to help you out. Book an appointment today!